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What Accessories Do I Need For My Role?

We have a wide variety of different accessories that you may need for your job role. From earpieces to Leatherman multitools, we’ve got you covered. 

Knowing what to look for when purchasing accessories can be overwhelming. Our website is structured to make this easier for you so you can navigate your way to finding what you need. 

What accessories do I need?

If you are a police officer, the accessories you many need are:

  • Vests such as tactical, assault and stab vests - here
  • Docks for torches, cameras and to attach onto your belts  - here
  • Torches - here
  • Cuffs  - here
  • Cuff Keys  - here
  • Pouches - here
  • Earpieces  - here
  • Baton Holder  - here

If you are a security officer, you may need:

  • Torches - here
  • Vests such as stab vests - here
  • SIA Badge - here
  • Security Belt - here
  • Tactical Gloves - here
  • Security Badge - here

If you are in the emergency services, you may need:

  • Earpieces  - here
  • Specialised trousers such as Quantum TEMS Pants - here
  • Torches - here

If you are unsure what accessories you may need, have a look here on our website.