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Tactical Gloves Features Focus: Essential Gear

When working in tactical professions, you may require specific clothing and gear to make the job more manageable with the most protection for your safety. Some examples are hard knuckle gloves, slash resistant, and needle protection.

Things to consider when choosing tactical gloves:

  • Reinforced protection - do you need knuckle, finger or palm protection? Consider the areas where your hands will experience the most stress and need extra protection
  • Touchscreen - if you require gloves to be compatible with touchscreen devices, you will need to look for ones that offer this feature 
  • Impact resistance - impact resistant gloves are a good way to minimise the impact on your hands if you work with high impact tools. Some features on gloves, for example, Mechanix M-Pact Gloves have extra padding on the palms that absorbs high-impact energy
  • Waterproof - to find fully waterproof gloves is difficult as some water can still get through while you are on the move. Some brands offer weather-resistant gloves that will function better than others
  • Insulation - if you are working in cold conditions, you need some gloves that will protect your hands from freezing 
We offer a wide range of tactical gloves with many different brands that might just fit what you are looking for. Check out our tactical gloves here.