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Security Shortages Affect the Night-Time Industry

Many sectors are exempt when they get “pinged” from the Covid contact tracing app, including NHS workers and any other emergency workers. However, those in security are still having to self-isolate if they come into close contact with someone who has tested positive.

Unfortunately this could mean many last minute cancellations for this summer’s music festival season due to staffing shortages.

“This summer season, which is already greatly reduced after a number of high-profile cancellations including Glastonbury, could face further disruption”, says Paul Reed, chief executive of the Association of Independent Festivals.

Staff are being “pinged” and are having to self-isolate including bar staff, security and logistics companies.

The 16th of August cut-off date comes too late for those in the festival industry.

“That will be too late for some members, but in any event, festivals are largely staffed by younger people who will not be fully vaccinated by 16 August” Reed added.

It has already been a tough year for the night-time economy and this could be the final blow as festival organisers who have gone ahead in 2021 are- in some cases- hugely financially exposed.

The night-time industry is clinging onto the hope of survival and is desperate to open and get customers, yet in order to open safely businesses need the necessary security personnel.

Security shortages are an accident waiting to happen.               

Night Time Industries Association
The Guardian