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Police Commemoration Day- Remembering Those Who Sacrificed Their Lives

The Police Commemoration Day is observed every October 21st to pay respects to the 10 policemen who were killed by Chinese troops in an ambush at Hot Springs area near Ladakh on October 21, 1959.

Police are there to protect us and unfortunately, that means that sometimes they die whilst on the job. Not only should we think about the deaths from 1959 we should reflect on the fallen over the years, many of whom were only trying to protect our streets.

Here are just some officers who were killed on duty in the last decade we can think about today.

Matt Ratana – 2020
Sergeant Ratana was shot and fatally wounded by a man being detained at Croydon Custody Centre.

Andrew Harper – 2019
PC Harper was killed by three teenagers as they fled the scene of a quad bike theft in Berkshire.

Keith Palmer – 2017
PC Palmer was stabbed at the gates to the Palace of Westminster when he confronted terrorist Khalid Masood in 2017.

Philippa Reynolds – 2013
PC Reynolds was killed by two men driving a stolen car after they crashed into her police vehicle in Londonderry in 2013.

Ian Dibell- 2012
The 41-year-old was shot and killed Clacton-on-Sea, Essex after he intervened in a dispute near his home while off duty.

More than 1,600 officers have died while performing vital tasks such as foiling terrorists, quelling rioters and marshalling protests since 1680, according to a National Police Memorial roll.  Use today to remember and honour the brave police officers who gave their lives protecting the public.