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All About Bags: Practical Carry Solutions for UK Police Officers

As a dedicated police officer in the UK, your role demands preparedness, adaptability, and the right gear by your side. One often underestimated but absolutely essential piece of equipment is your choice of bag. At Patrolstore, we understand that different roles require different equipment, which directly impacts the size and style of bag you need. In this guide, we'll provide you with invaluable insights into various bag types suitable for different police duties, ensuring you're equipped for any situation.

Tactical Bags for UK Police Officers

Tactical Bags for Police Roles

The type of bag you carry is heavily influenced by the nature of your duties. Let's dive into some key roles and the types of bags that best complement their requirements. 

Patrol Officers

A backpack or a crossbody bag would be an excellent choice for these officers as they offer ample space for paperwork, notebooks, and essential personal items, and the convenience of quick access pockets. They usually contain multiple compartments which allows for easy and quick access to your gear in emergency situations.

Rapid Response Units

For officers in rapid response units, Duty bags are ideal as they allow quick access to your kit. They have dividers and large pockets allowing you to easily organise your kit so that you can grab it in high pressure situations whilst responding to emergencies. They usually have features like MOLLE webbing that allows for personal customisation, ensuring you can carry tactical gear, first aid supplies, and communication equipment with ease. They also have the capacity to allow for coats or additional uniform items to be easily carried.

Special Operations Teams

Special operations teams require rugged gear and a tactical backpack with modular compartments is essential. These bags are built to withstand extreme conditions and ensure gear remains organised and accessible. You will want to look for reinforced materials and heavy duty stitching and zippers to ensure the durability of the bag is intact when on duty.

Tactical Bags for UK Police Officers

What Size Bag Do I Need?

30 Litre Bag: Ideal for Community Engagement and Administrative Tasks

The 30 litre bag is a versatile option suited for community policing officers and any roles containing administrative tasks. With a compact yet roomy design, these bags can accommodate essential items without overwhelming the wearer. Explore a versatile range of 30 litre tactical bags and backpacks at Patrolstore

30 Litre Bag for UK Police Officers
Here's what you might need in a 30-litre bag for these roles:
  • Notebooks and Paperwork: A 30-litre bag should have dedicated compartments for notebooks and paperwork, ensuring they stay organised and readily accessible.
  • Electronic Devices: As administrative tasks increasingly involve electronic devices like tablets or small laptops, look for a bag with a padded sleeve to protect these items.
  • Personal Items: Don't forget space for personal items such as a water bottle, snacks, and a small umbrella, especially for officers spending significant time engaging with the community.

40 Litre Bag: Versatile Choice for Patrol and Rapid Response Units

The 40-60 litre bags have a balance between portability and capacity, making them an excellent option for patrol officers and rapid response units. See these 40 litre tactical bags and find the perfect tactical gear that combines ample storage with exceptional durability.

40 Litre Bag for UK Police Officers

Here's what you might need in a 40-litre bag for these roles:

  • Tactical Gear: Officers in rapid response units may need to carry tactical equipment such as torches, handcuffs, a multitool, and a radio and so you may want to look for a bag with MOLLE webbing or attachment points to customise your gear setup.
  • Communication Equipment: In situations that require quick communication, having a dedicated pocket for your radio can be crucial. Make sure the bag has a secure and easily accessible compartment for this purpose.
  • Spare Uniform: A standard 40-litre bag can accommodate a spare uniform in case of unexpected situations that require a change of clothing as well as your tactical boots when they’re not in use.

60+ Litre Bag: Geared for Special Operations and Extended Missions

For officers involved in special operations or extended missions, a 60-litre bag or bigger helps provide ample space for specialised equipment and supplies. From extended expeditions to specialised missions, our collection offers durable and spacious options to carry your essentials, see this range of 60 litre tactical bags.

60 Litre Bag for UK Police Officers

Here's what you might need in a 60-litre bag for these roles:

  • Specialised Equipment: Special operations officers might require specialised equipment such as night vision goggles, breaching tools, and tactical vests. It is recommended for you to look for a bag with multiple compartments and customisable dividers to keep these items organised.
  • Mission-Specific Gear: Depending on the mission, additional gear that is specific to your destination will be required and a  60-litre bag ensures you have more than enough space to carry mission-specific gear.

Choosing the right size and style of bag for your role as a police officer ensures that you have the space and functionality needed to excel in your duties. The right bag can make all the difference in your day-to-day duties and that's why at Patrolstore, we offer a range of bag options designed to cater to the diverse needs of UK police officers. Explore our selection to find the perfect bag for your specific role and requirements.