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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit and Equipment

The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Police Shirts

As a police officer your choice of police clothing is limited to shirts and boots meeting regulations However, although you are required to wear a certain type of shirt (either white for standard duty or black for covert operations) there are a number of other choices to be made. With a number of police shirts made to suit all types of situation, there is likely to be at least two or three different variations in your police clothing wardrobe.

The traditional white Police Shirt has been replaced with a variety of wicking shirts in either black or white, with the colour dependent on the local force in question. The more common black Police polo shirt has the word "Police" embroidered in white on the upper sleeve and comes in either short sleeve or long sleeve versions for use in warmer or colder environments respectively.

In contrast, the long sleeve Police Shirt is fleece lined to provide additional insulation. This is not necessary in the short sleeve police shirt as it is primarily designed to offer maximum heat management when worn under body armour.

All of our police shirts are designed to last and be comfortable to wear when on active duty. Depending on your assigned duties, it normally pays to have a few different shirts in your wardrobe as well as more than one of each kind of shirt for day-to-day convenience. Most shirts are machine washable. We stock a range of Police Shirts as well as Slash Resistant Shirts and Security Shirts. These are available in the UK to individual police officers and police departments. Individuals can order online or over the phone. For bulk purchases please either email info@patrolstore.com or call 01737 648 438. Where items are in stock and ordered before 15.00 they will be dispatched the same day.