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Cookies are safe

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We use cookies for the following reasons:

  • To keep you logged in between pages and remember what is in your shopping basket. When you log in, we keep track of your account ID. This is so when you load a new page within the site we can remember who you are and save you from signing in after every single click. We also use cookies to save what is in your shopping basket between page loads and if you decide to come back at a later date to continue shopping.
  • Our site stats. We want to make the site better and so need to know how people are using the site. We use a cookie to give your computer a unique identity. We do not identify the actual person using the computer or associate the computer with your account. We absolutely do not collect any personal data on you. We simply need to identify one computer from another so we can gather stats such as, how many people visit our site, on average how often people return and other details like these relating to site usage.

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