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Free Delivery Over £95.00
Magnum Command Boot

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Magnum Command Boot

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Magnum Command Boot

The Magnum Command Boot is a modern take on an old Magnum classic combining the strongest Magnum traditions with a fresh new look. These boots have been developed with added technical advances and comfort features from the premium Magnum ranges to offer unbeatable comfort, performance, style and value.

Magnum are still the most popular brand of uniform footwear amongst UK police and security officers, offering a range of both safety and non-safety smart uniform boots. The 8” ankle height of this Command Boot, is preferred by most police and security officers as it provides optimal ankle support, whilst the padded collar provides maximum comfort minimizing irritation to the calf and shin.

Thanks to the BK Breathable Lining, the temperature of your feet will remain regulated which will avoid moisture and related odour build up over long periods of wear, keeping your feet fresh and patrol-ready at all times. These boots fasten with laces and are not waterproof.

The single piece construction of the toe allows these boots to be polished and bulled for parade wear as well as on the beat, so you will never have an excuse not to keep them clean at all times!

Constructed from a 900 denier ballistic nylon, magnashield leather upper, and an SRA rated slip-resistant outer sole, the Magnum Command Boot has been certified to BS EN ISO 20347 for occupational footwear offering outstanding comfort and safety in this light weight unit.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what some happy customers have to say:
“I've worn them only 1 day, granted, but I can confirm what others have said - very comfortable! No breaking in required. Compared to my Desert Foxes, they're like slippers. Very soft insole.”
“I love these boots! They are very comfortable and lightweight, they are great if you are on your feet all day! I would and have recommended them to a friend :)”

“A superb buy. These boots are comfortable for all day wearing. They keep feet cool and dry too. Excellent grippy sole and easy movement and flexibility. Great name at a great price.”

- Lightweight
- Magnashield leather
- Breathable BK mesh lining
- Slip resistant sole Rating: SRA
- Oil resistant sole
- Certified to EN ISO 20347



Ankle Height8 Inch
Boot FasteningLace up
Boot MaterialLeather and Nylon
Toe TypeNone
Weight2.40 KG
Product NumberM800344-021-01
Customer Reviews


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Good Overall Boot

I purchased a pair of Magnum Command size 10 boots around 6 months ago when I started my career as a Special Constable. I wasn't too sure what to expect from them, as they were my first pair of Police Boots and I didn't really know what I was looking for. But I took a punt as they were on offer and had decent reviews on the internet.

The boots came very quickly and I was immediately impressed. The boots fit perfectly, even with some thicker socks, but I prefered them without. They were comfortable straight out of the box, I wouldn't have wanted to walk too far in them, but they were comfortable enough that I know I wouldn't have to worry about the state of my feet after a day of wearing them.

The quality of the boots was second to none and I couldn't find a single blemish anywhere, but the laces didn't feel too strong. I was expecting the thicker, rounder type lace you get with workboots and instead I was met with trainer type laces. However saying that, 6 months down the line they have held true to form and not snapped as I originally thought they may when pulling them tight.

The boots are a little tight to slip on and off if you don't loosen the laces enough at the correct points around the boot, a skill I am yet to master. As a consequence they can be a bit of pain to get on and off, but for the price I couldn't really argue and I now know to go for a side zip when I need to purchase my next pair - I doubt that'll be any time soon though!

The boots polished up rather nicely, despite my dodgy polishing skills and have a nice formal look when worn underneath my dress tunic.

Unfortunately I have had to run in them, something I try to avoid in general! The boots provided good support around my ankles, but did lack some impact support on my soles, so my feet did hurt for a short while afterwards. I have worn the boots in the rain, and walked through a couple of inches of water and my feet remained dry.

Overall I do like the boots, although not a cheap product, they were perhaps only worth what I paid for them when on offer. Had I paid any more, I would have been disappointed.

So far, so good!

Just purchased these as I needed black boots for a new job and naturally my Meindl Desert Foxes were no good.

I ordered 20 mins before the deadline for same-day dispatch (3pm), no problems.
Ordered Friday, came on Monday for only a £1 extra shipping charge.
Perfect condition, as expected.
The only negative I can attribute to the good people of this site is that clicking the *4/5 stars* "17 Review(s)" link to take me to customer reviews does nothing, which had me confused and annoyed at first until I chanced upon the "CUSTOMER REVIEWS" section here.

I've worn them only 1 day, granted, but I can confirm what others have said - very comfortable! No breaking in required. Compared to my Desert Foxes, they're like slippers. Very soft insole or such. The Meindl's are comfortable, but feel constantly very hard, like standing on stone. These are very different in that respect.
Lastly, both pairs I have in a 10 which is slightly too big for me. The Foxes skipped blisters and just straight made holes in my heels for the first weeks, but I don't expect any such problem from the Commands.
The only negative thing I have to say as yet is that they seem to have an oddly shaped heel and it feels as though my feet are clicking into place with each step, but I'm sure that will pass or become familiar in time.

For me, buying these on a budget for a job where I'm to be standing all day, I feel I made the best purchase possible with the Magnum Commands.
Thank you, PSUK.

toe cap

i want to buy a pair of these but have the got any toes cap of ny kind on them as i need boots that gt no toe cap.

PatrolStore Response

Unfortunately these boots don't have safety toe caps but the following do: http://www.patrolstore.com/Magnum-Stealth-Force-6.0-Leather-CT-CP.html http://www.patrolstore.com/STEALTH-FORCE-8.0-LEATHER-SZ-CT-CP-WPi-BLACK.html http://www.patrolstore.com/Magnum-Stealth-Force---8-All-Leather-Composite-Toe-and-Plate.html http://www.patrolstore.com/Ops-Systems-Anti-Static-CT-Boot.html Please copy and paste the links into the URL. And if yu have anymore questions please email us on info@patrolstore.com.

'appy with that!

Had my first pair for about a year before they started to look a bit tired and tatty, given the pounding they get I was pleased with the way they have lasted but I have a second pair now "for sunday best!"

Police Officer

These boots are very good value. They were easy to break-in and comfortable to wear. The flexible material wrapping for the ankle makes them light and easy to drive in but for the same reason you do loose out a little on support.

Would not buy again

My feet get very hot very quickly in these boots. I work in custody and would not purchase them again. Will try other brands as not so sure about Magnum any longer, purchased in April 2012.

PatrolStore Response

This is very unusual as Magnums are EN certified for breath-ability, the commands should keep your feet cooler than other boots. I am sorry that you are not happy with these but we appreciate your feedback.

High hopes, let down

I had high hopes for these, Magnum are a highly reputible brand and many of my colleagues sung their praises, I apprecaite that these may be a "budget" pair of Magnums but I've had them less than 6 months and already there is a crack on one of the soles appearing and along the side of the boot the sole is coming away, everytime I'm out in these and it rains I now end up with my left foot absoluting soaking, really good for long patrol shifts... I've done the best I can with superglue to shore up the gaps until I can afford a better more expensive pair, I don't think they'll be magnums though. :(

Patrol store comment:

These Magnums do have a warranty of 6 months so please contact us so we can exchange these for you.

Yet to decide.......?

Just how good the boots are going to be. Although I have used the Magnum range extensively and they have yet to let me down(I will not consider any other).

Quality,robust in construction yet for ease of use they are sublime!
I had to laugh when I read another post/review about the sole/heel splitting after 8 months of mile munching,try that with any other type of boot that gets constanly used for 8 months! You'll be lucky if they're is any thing left of the sole/heel at all!!

However, in relation to the transaction using the Patrol Store UK to purchase the boots. Well AAA+ IMO.

I use a the internet a lot for on-line purchases so I know the horror stories!!!
But I would have no problem recommending PSUK anytime and will be back to them for my next pair of Magnums.

What's more to say? Well a big thank-you to all at PSUK.

Best wishes, Mik


Solid pair of boots. After 9 months a crack on the sole has appeared.

PatrolStore Response

Unfortunately These boots are the more economically priced Magnums which means they won't last as long as the higher priced boots as the price does reflect on the quality. But we appreciate the feedback.

Massive let down on Magnums

I brought these boots 6 months ago as I needed a new pair, my last boots (magnum classics) had lasted me 6 years so I truly trusted the brand. However like other people I noticed that they started to fall apart very quickly. I thought the price was too good to be true, and unfortunately I was right. Within only 6 months the boots are already totally unwearable. I have now ordered another pair of boot but this time I am not buying cheap!

PatrolStore Response

The magnum commands are an economically priced boot and compared to the classics will not last as long as they are a more expensive boot. But these commands are covered by a 6 month guarantee. Please contact us so we can replace these for you via courier, which will collect the commands you have now with the new ones or we can even knock of the cost of the commands off a pair of classics, if you would prefer to go for those.

Comfy But don't last

Comfy but don't last

A little disappointed that these boots only lasted a little over a year; however I can't really complain as the price is so good. These boots are super comfy on the plus side and didn't take long to break in.
They are one of the best economically priced boot I have had so far but may spend a little more next time for a boot that will last a lot longer.

magnum combat boots-3 MONTH UPDATE

ok just an update on the magnum boots.
i have now had these boots for over 3 months now.i wear them to work everyday (mon-fri.
they are even more comfortable now than when they were new (probably a few days to break them in fully.
i have covered a hell of a lot of miles walking in them and never once were my feet sore after walking.
the one thing that amazes me is that i do serious ammount of walking and there is no signs of wear anywhere even the soles are still like new and unworn.
magnum may need to review this because if they keep wearing like this i won't need to but new ones as these things are the best wearing and most comfortable boots i have ever worn.
i would not be the lightest of fellas so there is quite a bit of pressure on my feet and boot(if you know what i mean.my feet are always warm even on a cold and wet night-not sweating but really warm

all in all- i would (and have done)recommend these to anyone.
i have since bought my brother a pair for work and have the steel toe caps.i have also bought a pair of desert coloured magnum boot for wearing when not working.....to the extent - the wife takes the mick and calls me magnum pi--no i don't have a huge moustach-it's because i always wear magnum boots now unless i have to get dressed in a suit.

best boots ever

Magnum Command Boot

I purchased a pair of these boots in June 2012. I work on my feet for 12 hours a day carrying out patrols so needed a comfortable pair of boots. I went for these as they were on offer,with good reviews. The whole ordering process was easy, very fast and efficient.
However three and a half months later the sole has worn very quickly and split on the heal, I would have expected them to last longer.
I am now looking at different brands to find harder wearing boots.

Leaky and destroyed my heels

I bought these because the reduced price was attractive and I assumed they would be as good as my Magnum Classics, but they are not and £40 is about the right price.

The liner is stictched up the back of the heel inside, right where your heel/achilles sits unlike the Classic, which rubbed and caused red raw blisters the size of pound coins on both my heels the first time they were on - not ideal but once they'd been used a bit, several blister plasters and tape later, the seam flattened, they were OK...

... until the seem between the leather and the sole split, on both boots. I discovered this 1 hour into a shift when I noticed my feet were wet. Again, not ideal and the boot in the photo above, presumably an unused , also shows what looks like a ropey seal between the leather upper and sole, in the same place mine now have a hole.

Given the Classics are 3 years old and still useable ( and more importantly, the sole and leather are still sealed ) I'm fairly disappointed these are basically knackered after 1 year of , if anything light, use and if I go through even the shallowest puddle my feet are wet.

That said, they are reasonably comfortable when broken in and I will keep them for when it's dry or if I'm going to be in indoors.

Not recommended for all year use or if you want something that's going to last

Magnum Command Boot

Great service,very fast delivery.the boots are very well made sturdy and comfortable,i would recomend to anyone.
Once again the service from patrol store has been excelent and i look forward to using this site again.A++++++

Magnum Command..

Good value for money, on my feet all day, very comfortable.


i work on the doors and i must say these are the best buy boot i have had great grip freat boot and at a awsome price i will be buying another set very soon great stuff the staff at PatrolStore :)

Magnum Command Boot

I bought these boots for the price and was quite happy with them but found that within a few days the sole pulled away from the leather on the inside front edge about 1inch long so I easily returned them for a replacement pair. I have now worn the second pair for a few months and have realized that it has started to happen again. I regularly work in the wet so need a solid pair of boots which I am now trying to get and will keep the Command Boot as a back up.

magnum combat boots

i ordered my boots on moday at lunchtime.i paid through paypal and soon after i got an email saying the order had gone through and that they would be delivered on wednesday.i was more than happy with the transaction considering i was able to register with patrol store first and ended up getting free postage too.i thought this was a good deal and 2 day delivery was also good considering i am in northern ireland.on tuesday morning the postman arrived with a large parcel for me and low and behold it was the boots.....they arrived next day not 2 days as stated (not a complaint,infact over the moon with the fast delivery).
as far as the boots go i've been wearing them for 2 days solid now.i've been walking, standing fishing for hours,been driving,climbing ladders and even tried running in them.....i can't fault them at all.they are really really comfortable,light,warm(without sweating my feet).....they are like wearing slipper/trainers.
they are fantastic and would recommend to all.i will be buying a couple more pairs-will even buy the sandy coulour ones to run about it...
my feet are not sore when i take them off as they would have been in previous boot(i'll not name and shame them,but i'm sure you can guess with the clues given) timberlan*,caterpille* and karrimor*
there is only one thing that annoyed me slightly at first-the tounge has side flaps and they were digging into me but i soon realised the side flaps were doubled up causing a bulge.all i done was slide my finger inside the flap and push it into place properly....the flaps now go into place on their own when i put them on on their own,they were just so new...
all in all an amazing boot so far and hope they continue to perform as they have done....

Best boots ive had!

I love these boots! They are very comfortable and lightweight, they are great if you are on your feet all day! I would and have recommended them to a friend :)

Excellent boot

A superb buy. These boots are comfortable for all day wearing. They keep feet cool and dry too. Excellent grippy sole and easy movement and flexibility. Great name at a great price.


Boots are great for when you are on your feet all day. I find them very comfortable and lightweight. For this price you cant go wrong.

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