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The UK Leader in Police, Security & Military Kit

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Free Delivery Over £95.00
Haix Airpower P6 High Boots

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Haix Airpower P6 High Boots

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Haix Airpower P6 High Boots

The Haix Airpower P6 Boots are a Gore-Tex lined Patrol Boot that is ideal for users looking for high quality hardwearing boots without the added weight normally associated with quality footwear.
The Boot is constructed with the best materials available;
The Upper is made using a combination of soft and supple waterproof leather, which is hydrophobic and breathable at 2.0 – 2.2 mm thick, and nylon fabric panels.
The inner lining is a Gore-Tex Extended 3-layer laminate. It is a waterproof and highly breathable, abrasion-resistant lining with optimized- climate comfort, especially for personnel alternating between inside and outside use (or in and out of vehicles).
The Footbed is anatomically formed for better support. It uses Haix’s AS system which gives optimal support and shock absorption in the arch provided by an anatomically formed last. Haix’s improved heel and arch design provides support while securing the foot, allowing for increased comfort and range of motion in the spacious toe area. The footbed (insole) exchangeable, washable, has very good moisture absorption and dries quickly to provide optimum comfort.
The sole is of Rubber/PU construction with a sporty street/terrain tread. The user is given optimal step and bend behaviour due to toe and heel rounding on the sole. The low-weight PU, impact-absorbing wedge ensures outstanding walking characteristics. It is also oil and petrol resistant and non-marking. Compliant with EN ISO 20347:2012
Haix also include their Sun Reflect system which reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by direct sunlight. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, keeping the leather and the feet cooler.
A great quality, practical, comfortable boot.


Ankle Height8 Inch
Boot FasteningLace up
Boot MaterialLeather and Nylon
Toe TypeNone
Weight2.00 KG
Product NumberHaixP6
Customer Reviews


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Good Duty Boots

A common thread that lies between all emergency service and armed forces personnel is good quality, durable fit for purpose footwear and generally, for such a boot, they have been purchased outside of supply lines! The HAIX Airpower P6 boot can fill this need standing in line amongst other popular and reputable brands. Aimed more towards police personnel, the P6 has features that have become the mainstay for many boots over the years; quick lace system, nylon side panels, Gore-Tex inner lining and reinforced toe caps. HAIX have further developed this model to incorporate a few other extras which should be applauded by 'boots on the ground.' The Gore-Tex lining is a 3 layer laminate optimised for better climate comfort, alongside the expected breathability, depending on the external temperatures. The foot-bed unit uses HAIX's AS system giving optimal support and shock absorption within the arch and an improved heel and arch design securing the foot better within the boot allowing increased comfort and range of motion. Lastly, HAIX have incorporated their SunReflect system which reduces the heating effect of the leather by reflection, thus, keeping the leather and foot cooler.

Having worn these boots on and off over the last few weeks, my initial impressions were mediocre at best! At a time when these boots accompanied me to the latest round of flooding within Cumbria I was expecting a somewhat 'different' feel compared to other boots I have worn of similar feel, price and specification. The boots did need to be 'worn in' over several days to get a better fit and comfortable feel; luckily I carried a different pair to swap with for my feet's respite! Eventually they did become a lot more comfortable but beware – as any other boot, match the intended sock to the boot! I can normally wear a 'summer' thickness trekking sock with many size 10 brand boots and retain comfort but not in the HAIX P6's. Maybe I am to blame for not having a bigger size (HAIX do sell a UK 10.5) which in retrospect, would have alleviated this consideration. I was expecting the boot to be a little more wider on the size 10 as they are a European brand which I have found on other brands, wider in general than UK and US boots. I would also have like to have seen a better fit along the front of the boot with 'lacing to the toe' preferable, and in my opinion, a lot more comfortable and fitting around the last of the boot when laced up. Although this would deter away from the intended roomy toe box, an extra eyelet would appear to give a little more of a secure fit to which I am used to. The pronounced toe box does make a difference as the day gets longer with the intended design feature of improved airflow becoming more noticeable.

The boots did become comfortable to wear with the Gore-Tex lining working as expected with my feet not feeling overheated whilst being worn although the outside environment didn't really increase the ambient temperatures! Because of this, I am unsure of the Sun Reflect system and if it 'works' or indeed at all unless the boot leather is clean and presentable. The sole unit worked well, and honestly, I didn't feel any negative difference compared to the norm of Vibram sole units in other brands with good traction off road and trusted footfall within areas splashed with oils, lubricants and dirty floodwater. I did notice that the tread pattern didn't 'bung up' as fast as others, with the natural flexion of the boot helping to alleviate the extra weight of mud and debris. I do like the slightly pronounced heel block which helps to promote secure confidence in tasks of agility and the somewhat 'clunky' look of the outer sole and thicker rand adds to the robustness of the boot and a more 'protective' feel for the foot.

Overall, these boots have grown on me and being objective, they easily hold their ground amongst other boots of similar price and specification. Being new to the HAIX line of footwear specifically for police/ military use, one can easily become subjective towards them in comparison with other brands and previous experience. But, if you're looking for a new pair of duty boots that will fill a varied role then I can highly recommend you try these; if they can swerve my initial impression then they are definitely doing something right!

great boot at a comparative price

I am a serving Police Officer in Surrey and my current posting is within the Specialist Support Department as Public Order Instructor and operator. I have been wearing the HAIX Airpower P6 Highs for just over 3 months and have found them to be excellent.


Most important in our line of business! Great looking boots with a mix of leather and fabric in a classic type design. Nice chunky sole and wide lacing.


Due to the mix of leather and fabric the boots felt ‘broken in’ right out of the box. The sole provides a good amount of cushion and the heel breaks up impacts of running or moving with a heavy piece of kit. The insole and arch areas are supportive along with the high laces to provide stability. Working in a varety of arenas makes for hard work for kit, but these boots did well in all environments keeping my feet warm and dry in the wet and cool in the heat. Heavy operational work, PSU, MoE and EGT work in particular require dynamic movement over uneven ground at pace. The boots worked well over the course of all of these activities.


Previously I have been wearing Magnum Classic tac spec boots which were fine for lighter work but not suitable for operational deployments. The issued boots from the Job are good but nothing like the quality of the Haix. The Airpower P6 is by far the best boot I have worn.


While a little on the pricey side they are worth the investment. There are waterproof breathable boots that keep your feet at a good working inner temperature no matter what environment you are working in and that kind of performance does tend to come at a price.


I think these are a great boot at a comparative price. They are multi purpose which is ideal for police work, great for the beat, warrants, specialist deployments and comfy enough for scene guard!


I have had these boots for approximately 3 months now and overall I am impressed. Initially, and as with most boots, out of the box they were quite rigid and it took about 2 weeks to wear them in so that I could say they were comfortable. However they were not uncomfortable, I didn’t suffer from blisters or rubbing, they were just a bit stiff.

The first impressions of the boots look wise were that they looked very fit for purpose. I would say that the front part does look quite bulky in comparison with my Magnum Spiders which are a little more streamlined. The mesh sides allow your feet to breath and keep them relatively cool in hot weather and they are not too heavy to move around in. The fastenings were fine and the boot held onto the ankle area well. Good overall grip once worn in slightly and unlike some 'waterproof' boots, these ones most definitely are.

Over different types of terraine the boots held up well with no complaints. Now we are in slightly colder weather the boots seem to keep the heat in well. The only issue I have is that the sole is quite hard on my heal, and over time the issue hasn’t got that much better. It's by no means unbearable, its just something that I noticed as timed passed, and in comparison with the Magnums I have they are not as comfortable in that sense.

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